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All images captured w/ Canon T5i + SPL Waterhousing

Joe Nickerson is an ocean and nature fanatic with a passion for photography. Growing up in Huntington Beach California, Joe has always had a love for the ocean. He is always looking to capture the perfect wave (or perfect moment when he is not at the beach). At the age of 12, Joe had his first session at the most famous spot in Newport Beach, known as The Wedge. Since then he has developed a love for Southern California's heavy shorebreak.

Since the age of 13, Joe has been sponsored by Slyde Handboards and is a member of the Chubascos Bodysurfing Association. He is a Surfline Local Pro photographer so make sure to check out his page on for more pictures.

Joe competes in bodysurfing competitions annually and is usually bodysurfing or surfing when not filming. He and his buddies started their own bodysurfing crew, known as the OC Crew. With The Wedge being their home break, all of them have grown in their passion for the ocean, photography, and bodysurfing.

Joe one day hopes to take his passion to the next level and follow in the footsteps of his inspirations: Robbie Crawford, Clark Little, and Zak Noyle.